A big experience for bigger riders


Wahoo International, the parent company of BullyBoard, came to PageSparx to improve the board company’s online shopping experience. We set out to build a website that made shopping easy and informative for their customers. By highlighting why BullyBoard was not only pupose built for larger bodyboarders but how the product was superior to the mass produced competitors we were able to improve their search visibility across the board.

Mobile website design preview

A cult following gets the respect it deserves.

Online commerce.

BullyBoards were originally developed for the gentle giants of Makaha, but since then, they have gained a loyal following. It was important to honor the board companies legacy while creating a modern, responsive shopping experience that paid respect to its history and Hawaiians who helped make the brand their own.

Simple details.

Through straight forward illustration and professional product photography, BullyBoard’s website was catching new surfers from day one.

Increased visibility:


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Website design preview for R And E Concrete Comapny