Replicas by Parris.

eCommerce Redesign


With multiple eCommerce websites supporting sales in either retail or wholesale, Parris was looking for a solution to support their wholesale tradeshow efforts. PageSparx was instrumental in creating a fun, immersive site that allowed sales personnel to define access and limit pricing details. In time, the look of the site will translate over to the retail side. PageSparx will continue to support their expansion into new markets and distribution channels.

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Connecting traditional sales with digital support.

Commerce redefined.

The new website incorporates a fun, yet corporate site, that is responsive, substantiates the brand, the history, and the childlike excitement behind their unique products.

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Modern UI/UX.

Revive current digital efforts to grow awareness, sales, and partnerships by creating a look that closely associates with the products being sold.

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Website design preview for Replicas by Parris

The people at PageSparx are a pleasure to work with, easy to communicate with, & very helpful.

— Hannah Phillips

Marketing Manager, Parris Manufacturing